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The 911 Emergency Services (E-911) Surcharge at a rate of $.51 is payable by all telecommunication companies who provide wire access or wireless lines capable of originating a 911 call. The surcharge is intended to produce an amount necessary to meet... Read More

New Mexico imposes an alternative fuel tax on distributors of alternative fuel. Alternative fuel is defined as liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), compressed natural gas (CNG), liquefied natural gas (LNG) or a water-phased hydrocarbon fuel emulsion (for e... Read More

Section 60-2F-21 NMSA 1978 of, the New Mexico Bingo and Raffle Act, (effective July 1, 2009) imposes a bingo and raffle tax.

If the tax applies to you, the information below may be helpful.  

For tax periods beginning on or after July 1, 2009... Read More

The state imposes the Boat Excise Tax at 5% upon the sale of every boat required to be registered in the state. A boat requiring registration is any powerboat or sailboat (other than a sailboard or windsurf board) that is 10 feet in length or more. T... Read More

The Caravan Tax is a fee for transporting an unregistered vehicle into or through New Mexico for sale or for delivery to a purchaser. If the vehicle has current, valid registration and license plates, you do not need to pay the Caravan Tax. 

The ... Read More

The State imposes an excise tax for the privilege of selling, giving or consuming cigarettes in New Mexico (Section 7-12-3 NMSA 1978).  Certain exemptions and deductions apply. A New Mexico cigarette stamp affixed to the package is evidence... Read More

Compensating tax (Section 7-9-7 NMSA 1978) is an excise tax imposed on persons using property or services in New Mexico. This tax is also called “use tax,” or “buyer pays.” Compensating tax helps to protect New Mexico business... Read More

Owners of coal, uranium or geothermal energy in New Mexico are subject to the conservation tax established by Section 7-30 NMSA 1978.

The taxable value of coal is determined under Section 7-25-3 NMSA after royalties paid or due to any Indian trib... Read More

New Mexico levies an ad valorem tax upon the owner of each copper mineral property that is not subject to valuation and taxation under the Property Tax Code (Section 7-39-8 NMSA 1978)

In general, the tax is imposed instead of property taxes on active ... Read More

A corporation that generates income from activities or sources in New Mexico and must file a federal corporation income tax return or an equivalent return is subject to New Mexico Corporate Income Tax. Such corporations must file a New Mexico fo... Read More

Residents and nonresidents of New Mexico are subject to the Estate Tax Act, Section 7-7-1 et seq. NMSA 1978. If there is a federal requirement to file a federal estate tax return, the estate’s personal representative must file a retur... Read More

Generally, a fiduciary must file an income tax return if it is a resident trust or estate that generates income, or a non-resident trust or estate that generates income from New Mexico sources.

Every fiduciary who must file a federal Fiduciary Income ... Read More

For the privilege of engaging in gaming activities in New Mexico the state imposes an excise tax known as the gaming tax.

Gaming tax at 10% applies to the gross receipts of gaming device manufacturers and distributors from the sale, lease or transfer ... Read More

The gasoline tax is an excise tax imposed on distributors of gasoline for the privilege of receiving gasoline in New Mexico.

The gasoline tax rate is $0.17 per gallon and is reported monthly by the 25th day of the month following the month in which ga... Read More

The state imposes a governmental gross receipts tax of 5.00% on the receipts of New Mexico state and local governments. The exceptions are the gross receipts of public school districts and entities licensed by the Department of Health that are princi... Read More

Gross receipts are the total amount of money or value of other consideration received from: 

  • Selling property in New Mexico;
  • Leasing or licensing property employed in New Mexico;
  • Granting a right to use a franchise employed in New Mexico;
  • Performing... Read More

The Interstate Telecommunications Gross Receipts Tax (ITGRT) applies to interstate telecommunications gross receipts of any person engaging in interstate telecommunications business in New Mexico (Section 7-9C-3 NMSA 1978). Interstate telecommun... Read More

The leased vehicle gross receipts tax applies to persons engaging in business who have receipts from the short-term leasing of vehicles (Section 7-14A-3 NMSA 1978):

  • The lease is for a term of six months or less;
  • The vehicle is part of a fleet of five o... Read More

New Mexico imposes a leased vehicle surcharge on the lease of a vehicle to another person by a person engaging in business in New Mexico when the lease is subject to the leased vehicle gross receipts tax (Section 7-14A-3.1 NMSA 1978). The s... Read More

New Mexico imposes a liquor excise tax on wholesalers who sell alcoholic beverages. The rate of tax varies according to the type of alcoholic beverage sold as detailed below:

  • spirituous liquors - $1.60 per liter;
  • beer (except as provided in 5) below) -... Read More

The local liquor excise tax is imposed on retailers who sell alcoholic beverages or possess them for sale in a New Mexico county or municipality that elects to impose the tax. Currently, McKinley County is the only county in New Mexico that has elect... Read More

Motor Vehicle Excise Tax (MVET)

The Motor Vehicle Excise Tax applies to the sale of every motor vehicle that must be registered in the State of New Mexico. We presume that every time a vehicle is titled, a sale has occurred and the motor vehicle excis... Read More

New Mexico charges fees to use motor vehicles on public roadways. Most fees are charged when you title or register a vehicle. If a vehicle is not registered, you must obtain a temporary permit before transporting it on the roadways. All motor vehicle... Read More

If a municipal event center is located within a specific municipality, the municipality may establish an event center surcharge by ordinance. The surcharge should not be less than five percent of each vendor contract entered into by that municipality... Read More

The natural gas processors tax is levied on processors for the privilege of operating a natural gas processing plant in New Mexico. It is measured at the plant’s inlet by the heating content of natural gas in million British thermal units (mmbt... Read More

There are five taxes that are imposed based on the taxable value of oil, natural gas, liquid hydrocarbons, carbon dioxide, helium and other non-hydrocarbon gases (“products”) severed in New Mexico. In addition, the oil and gas conservatio... Read More

Anyone who makes payments of amounts derived from oil and gas production from a well located in New Mexico (remitter) to a nonresident (remittee) of New Mexico must withhold tax from those payments. There are exceptions and adjustments to the require... Read More

S-corporations, limited liability companies and other pass-through entities doing business in the state must file a New Mexico income tax return. This requirement includes entities registered to do business in the state, transacting business in, into... Read More

New Mexico imposes a tax on the net income of every resident and on the net income of every nonresident employed or engaged in business in, into or from this state or deriving any income from any property or employment within this state. 

If you ... Read More

The petroleum products loading fee (Section 7-13A-1 NMSA 1978) applies to the privilege of loading gasoline or special fuel from a rack at a refinery or a pipeline terminal in the state into a cargo tank, or for importing gasoline or special fue... Read More

The Property Tax Division (PTD) helps local governments in the administration and collection of ad valorem taxes in the State of New Mexico. Property taxes contribute a large portion of revenue to New Mexico’s local governments and schools annu... Read More

The State imposes the Railroad Car Company Tax on the gross earnings of an organization as defined in Section 7-11-2C NMSA 1978 from the use or operation of railway cars within the state.  “Organization” excludes a railroad company o... Read More

The Resources Excise Tax Act consists of three taxes on activities related to natural resources in New Mexico. Natural resources include timber and mineral products but do not include oil, natural gas, liquid hydrocarbons, carbon dioxide, helium or n... Read More

New Mexico imposes a severance tax on the privilege of severing natural resources. "Natural resources" is defined as "timber and any metalliferous or nonmetalliferous mineral product, combination or compound thereof but does not includ... Read More

The board of county commissioners of a county may provide by ordinance for a solar energy improvement special assessment on a residential or commercial property within the boundaries of the county if the owner of the property requests it. The purpose... Read More

Every telecommunications company, including mobile telecommunications (cellular service) companies, providing intrastate telephone services (ITS) within New Mexico must charge, collect, and remit the telecommunications relay service surcharge (TRS) t... Read More

New Mexico imposes the tobacco products tax (TPT) for the manufacture or acquisition of tobacco products in New Mexico that are intended for distribution in the ordinary course of business and for the consumption of tobacco products in New Mexico. A ... Read More

Certain commercial vehicles not registered or licensed in New Mexico that are transporting passengers for hire or property for hire or resale are required to pay a trip tax, in lieu of registration or use fees, for the maintenance, repair and reconst... Read More

Employers must withhold a part of the employee’s wages for payment of income tax. New Mexico bases its withholding tax on an estimate of an employee’s State income tax liability. The State credits taxes withheld against the employee's... Read More

Every person who operates a public water supply system must pay a water conservation fee. The fee equals three cents ($0.03) per thousand gallons of water produced. It also applies to water that a public water supply system acquires from a person who... Read More

The registrants, owners and operators of most motor vehicles having a declared gross weight or gross vehicle weight over 26,000 pounds and who are using highways in New Mexico are subject to the weight distance tax (WDT) for use of the highways. They... Read More

Every employer who elects or is required to be covered by the Workers' Compensation Act, and every employee covered by the Workers’ Compensation Act, is assessed a fee for funding the administration of the Workers’ Compensation Admini... Read More

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