The Taxpayer Advocacy Program is designed to provide assistance to taxpayers working with the New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department, identify systemic problems within the Department, and recommend long term solutions to solving those problems. 

The taxpayer advocate can assist in resolving issues when the normal process has broken down.  The taxpayer advocate will ensure that the rights afforded to the taxpayer in the Taxpayer Bill of Rights are protected.

What the taxpayer advocate can do:

  •         Provide assistance to those who have tried to operate within the normal Departmental channels
  •         Coordinate communications between you and the department
  •         Ensure your rights under the Taxpayer Bill of Rights are being upheld
  •         Advocate for a resolution of your issue on your behalf
  •         Identify systemic problems
  •         Recommend long-term solutions

What the taxpayer advocate cannot do:

  •         Provide relief or remedy not provided by law
  •         Act as the first contact with the department
  •         Reverse decisions made by the Administrative Hearing Office
  •         Handle issues at the IRS

If you have an issue with the IRS, please contact them directly.  If you believe your case may be eligible for help through the State of New Mexico taxpayer advocate, please provide the facts of your case via email, mail at PO Box 8487, Albuquerque, NM 87198, or by calling the taxpayer advocate at 505.629.8111.

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