Providing technology services and tools to help the Department meet its goals.

Our support teams are in charge of systems that assist the daily business processes of the Department. These systems offer technology-based answers for help with tax collection and the processing of registrations and licenses for vehicles and drivers. Many major Department projects recently completed, as well as improvements being planned for the future, involve technology and ITD resources.

We strive to deliver high-quality Information Technology (IT) services that are reliable, accessible, and secure. We design them to meet all internal and external needs.

ITD has three main objectives:

  1. Implement and deliver technology services that are accessible, responsive, scalable, and accurate.
  2. Deliver planned system projects that meet required standards.
  3. Work to deliver necessary information technology training to customers and IT staff.

Information and Services

Learn more about the different services and information of the Information Technology Division below.

Database Warehouse Bureau Motor Vehicle Development Bureau
Database Support Bureau Operations Bureau
Gen Tax Bureau Project Management Office Bureau
Infrastructure Support Bureau  

Data Warehouse Bureau

The Data Warehouse Bureau supports the Audit & Compliance Division in the identification and collection of unpaid taxes owed to New Mexico.  The Bureau processes data from a variety of sources and compares this information to departmental tax records to ensure consistency in tax collection. The results of this comparison are utilized to identify taxpayers whose data is not consistent with the comparison data such as Federal Tax returns, Employment Tax records, and a variety of other data sources.

The result of this activity allows TRD to focus on taxpayer audits that are selected through computerized matching. The goal of the process is to select audits that have the highest likelihood of success and since its inception in 2006, the ITD Data Warehouse Bureau has assist TRD in the collection of over $36 million in taxes that would have otherwise gone uncollected. 

Links:  Internal Revenue Service (IRS) 

Database Support Bureau

The Database Support Bureau assists the Taxation and Revenue Department in the management, access and control of data stored in computerized files that support TRD business processes. Database administrators are responsible for the design of data files and databases as well as the ongoing management and maintenance of that data. Modern database design spans a variety of technologies and computing platforms and the Database Support Bureau supports all of these platforms and technologies.

Gen Tax Bureau

 The GenTax Bureau supports GenTax, the Department‘s tax information system. The Department processes a significant amount of revenue annually. GenTax provides support and processes 28 programs including Personal Income Tax, Combined Reporting System and Corporate Income Tax. We oversee all e-filing programs and provide support for some commercial vehicle programs. We have had at least one major project in development per year since we began in 2002. GenTax processes most of the revenue brought in to the state each year. 

Infrastructure Support Bureau

The Information Technology Division supports the Department’s network of over 90 Motor Vehicle Division and tax field offices throughout the state. The Infrastructure Support Bureau manages the Department’s infrastructure through desktop support. We also handle networks and manage storage area networks (SAN).

Our bureau maintains about 120 servers. Our employees also maintain printers and hardware. 

In addition, we run system backups, antivirus software, and network and program security, coordinating with the Department of Information Technology (DoIT) on statewide network, phone, and communication issues.

Motor Vehicle Development Bureau

The Motor Vehicle Development (MVD) Bureau works to support and improve the computer systems for all Motor Vehicle Division functions. These functions include processes for licensing drivers and registering vehicles. Another function we support for the Division is the creation of identification cards and permits. 

We assist the Motor Vehicle Division as it fingerprints people who handle toxic items. Among our other duties is to help the Division with vehicle titles and handicap-parking placards.

Some of the new features we have helped the Division to implement are Internet and phone services and in-house kiosks or touch-screen computers. These systems let people renew their own vehicle registrations or make citation payments without going to a field office.

We have projects that are part of the larger ”Drive MVD,” or improvement plan. Drive MVD projects include replacing the entire driver and vehicle system and implementing a modern cashiering system like those found in most stores. We are also helping to improve the information you can find and functions you can do for yourself on the Internet.


Motor Vehicle Division


Operations Bureau

The Operations Bureau runs batch jobs for GenTax, the Motor Vehicle Division (MVD), and Oil and Gas Bureau. We print refund checks, vehicle registration stickers and titles for MVD and GenTax. We also create documents like tax assessments and overpayment notices for mailing to taxpayers. The Bureau works with the Revenue Processing Division to make sure that all notices are mailed at the right time.

Project Management Office Bureau

The Project Management Office Bureau handles special projects, quality assurance, the Help Desk and other projects. We also help determine the requirements for specific projects. The Bureau manages small, medium and large projects to improve quality. Our employees reduce extra work caused by failure to maintain the scope of a project within its original boundaries and to include details that were left out of a project.

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