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Closing your business is easy.

Notify the Taxation and Revenue Department (TRD) of your close-of-business date by completing form ACD-31015 Business Tax Registration. Be sure all your taxes are paid.

To avoid non-filing penalties, submit a CRS-1 form for every reporting period up to the closing date for the business. You must file the form even if there are no gross receipts to report and no tax is due.

If you are closing your business and want to be sure you do not have any unpaid taxes or non-filed CRS-1 forms, you may request that TRD give you a Letter of Good Standing.

A successor to your business may submit to TRD a form ACD-31096, Tax Clearance Request to receive a Certificate of No Tax Due or to determine if the former business owner has a tax liability. For additional information contact your local district office.

If you are dissolving or withdrawing a corporation from the State of New Mexico, you must request a Corporate Certificate of No Tax Due from the New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department. You may also contact the Secretary of State (SOS) for information regarding any further requirements administered by that agency. You may call the SOS at (505) 827-3600 or visit its website at

An owner of a liquor license who wants to transfer, assign, lease, or sell it to another entity must obtain a Liquor License Clearance (Letter of No Objection) from the New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department. You may contact the Alcohol and Gaming Division of the New Mexico Regulation and Licensing Department (RLD) by calling (505) 476-4875 or visiting the RLD website at

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